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Software Testing


The basic meaning of software testing is scrutinizing, evaluating and ensuring the completeness and standard of the software Testing. Software testing is the process of making sure that the software product created is in consent with the regulatory , technical and client's requirement.

Software testing also enables all the stakeholder to know about the impact of implementation, Risks of execution of the application and to examine if the software is bug free and is good to be sufficientlyt used.

Software Testing Includes

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Unit Tesing
Is a testing of the software in which, scrutinizing of the program's codes is done along with preparing a walkthrough with proper documentation.
In this testing , execution of the program is essential. It has a proper process of providing input and inspecting the output by assembling the codes and then running it on the system. Software testing is a part of Software quality assurance, leading to verification and validation of the created program. If the results of the testing is not as per the expectation or diverge from the set standard , corrective measures are taken to fix the issue and make the software defect free."