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Software Development


Software development is a process of developing a software product involving stages from requirement gathering, designing, development & Implementation. Specific programming laguanges are essentila for creation of a Software.

It includes formulating a nexus of codes which is important for the functiong of a software. Software Development is interchangeable with the term Software cycle which can be a process for execution of software or something as widely used an an ERP System.

Software Development Includes

  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Application
  • QA & Testing
  • Maintenance & Re-Engineering
Enterprise Software is a computer software created to serve the needs of an organisation such as schools, charities etc. An enterprise application is used to solve the internal enterprise problems. The enterprise software is designed in such a way that it is unified with the existing software application to address the administration problems. It also facilitates in business related tools such automated billing procedure.
As the word custom software suggests it means tailor- made or bespoke software. Custom software development is process for developing the software as the specific demand and requirement of an organization or customer. All custom software can be unique and contrasting as each software programmed is as per the individual requirement. It is different from the Off the self software or the existing free software.
To keep the brand name floating one most essential step is the quality assurance and testing as it ensures that the quality delivered matches with the high standard set by the client. There are many ways in which the tests can be performed and the purpose of doing so is to ensure the security and to checks the bugs it can be prone to, performance check, configuration of the app for its successful implementation.
With the new innovations taking place everday, It becomes crucial to keep upgrading the existing software and also the maintainance of the current software is necessary for full utilisation of the software. So to be in the race the agile nature of the software is a must, so that it could sync in easily and fuction in way that it could lead to most efficient output. So timely modification of the software can lead to the exapansion of the business.