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Client Confidentiality and Document Retention

Client information is handled with the utmost attention to security and confidentiality. The company has policies and procedures in place to comply and employees are bound to adhere to these as part of their conditions of employment at the company. These policies and procedures are reviewed and adjusted as necessary to adhere to legal or other requirements. No action is required by the client for this benefit.

We need to collect certain information from our clients in order to identify the client, process client requests and transactions, or tell clients about products or services they may want to use. The company does not sell any client information or any client lists to third parties. We may share certain client information with third parties as necessary to provide the client with requested services and to administer client business. Confidentiality is maintained with these third parties and no other information is exchanged with any third party unless specifically authorized by the client or required by law. Client contact information such as name, physical address and email address along with prior services utilized may be maintained by the company for reasons such as to enable future communication or to inform the client of new services they may be interested in. Any financial data gathered is used strictly for the purpose of processing or completing the financial transaction for the client order.

Clients are encouraged to keep copies of all documents for their own records. The company will retain documents that are related to the client’s purchase of services for a period of one year after the client’s account is deactivated. Please note that this applies to any documents, material or information (hardcopy, electronic or otherwise) that client may provide to the company, as well as any documents, material or information (hardcopy, electronic or otherwise) that may have been produced by the company for the client. This policy shall exclude physical prototypes/samples which may be submitted by client to the company. The company will retain physical prototypes/samples for a period of 30 days after the client’s account is deactivated and shall only be returned at client’s written request and expense. Otherwise, for confidentiality purposes, prototypes/samples will be purged. If an outside company requests prototypes/samples of client product, client may not receive prototypes/samples returned and company is not responsible for the return or expense of the prototypes/samples.

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