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Elite Inventions offers all services needed to bring your idea from conception to product promotion and everything in between!

We are a group of industry experts passionate about bringing groundbreaking ideas to life. With a team of brilliant minds and cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we specialize in transforming taking your ideas all the way from inception to market into tangible realities.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking vision or an individual with a brilliant idea, our comprehensive range of invention services is designed to cater to your needs. From ideation and design to prototyping and manufacturing, we are here to guide you through every step of the invention journey. Join us as we revolutionize industries, redefine possibilities, and make your dreams a reality.

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Our Services:

Product Funding

There are millions of dollars available to entrepreneurs and inventors by way of grants, angel investors, and investment groups. The key is knowing how to find this money and how to present the vision. That is where Elite Invention will help. With over 12 years of experience in this field, our group can assist with everything you need to identify and present to investors. Whether it’s seed funding, grants, or investment rounds, we guide inventors through the funding process, assisting with proposal preparation, pitch refinement, and negotiations. With our proven track record and commitment to innovation, Elite Inventions is the trusted partner for inventors seeking financial support to transform their ideas into successful products.

App Development

Our team of mobile app developers is capable of creating apps for multiple platforms like iOS and Android. Our team can also develop cross-platform solutions in Flutter, React Native & Ionic. From concept to launch, we work closely with inventors to understand their vision, refine their ideas, and design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Our app development process encompasses meticulous planning, agile development methodologies, rigorous testing, and seamless integration. Whether it’s a utility app, a gaming platform, or a productivity tool, Elite Inventions is dedicated to delivering high-quality apps that captivate users and drive success.

Licensing Assistance

Elite Inventions will help you present your own product to companies for potential licensing deals. Our dedicated team of experts combines legal expertise, feasibility studies, market research, and negotiation skills to identify potential licensing opportunities. Our goal is to protect our client’s intellectual property rights and ensure they receive fair compensation for their inventions. With our deep understanding of licensing best practices and industry trends, Elite Inventions is committed to helping innovators monetize their inventions through strategic licensing partnerships.


Elite Inventions offers comprehensive prototyping services to bring your ideas to life. We seek out advanced manufacturing techniques to create prototypes that accurately represent the intended design of your invention. Our prototyping process allows for feedback and refinement, ensuring that inventors can test their ideas before moving forward with production. Whether it’s a physical product, a mechanical device, or a software interface, our prototyping services enable inventors to validate their concepts and gather valuable feedback. Elite Inventions is dedicated to providing high-quality prototypes that accelerate the development process and help you bring your ideas to market.


Our team identifies the best engineers for your product and gathers quotes to find you the best person for the job. From initial concept development to detailed design and implementation, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each invention. Our partners employ state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure the precision, functionality, and manufacturability of the final product. Whether it’s designing complex mechanical systems, developing embedded electronics, or creating intuitive user interfaces, we leverage our technical knowledge to overcome common challenges faced by inventors. Elite Inventions provides reliable and efficient engineering services that enable inventors to bring their visions to life. Once we identify the right engineer to bring your product to life, we can move on to the manufacturing process.


At Elite Inventions, we identify manufacturers both inside and outside the US who can produce and brand your new invention! Our experienced team of experts works diligently to identify reliable suppliers and manufacturers. We leverage our extensive network and industry knowledge to source the necessary materials to meet your specifications. Elite Inventions also assists in negotiating favorable terms with suppliers and ensuring timely delivery. Whether it’s sourcing raw materials, specialized components, or finding the right manufacturing facility, Elite Inventions sourcing services streamline the process.


At Elite Inventions, we help you cultivate brand awareness for your new product. We connect you with branding experts to develop unique strategies that align with your invention. From logo design and visual identity development to crafting consistent messaging across various channels, we ensure a cohesive and memorable brand experience. Our branding services encompass packaging design, website development, and marketing collateral. With the help of our experts, you can create effective materials like brochures and trade show booths.

Product Launching

With help from Elite Inventions, you will be able to launch your product successfully and begin filling orders. Our experienced team provides strategic guidance and support throughout the entire product launch process. We work closely with inventors to develop effective launch strategies, conduct market research, identify target audiences, and position the product for maximum impact. Amazon is a great place to start and offers professional sellers many benefits, from advertising to handling all the shipping and returns. When you choose Elite Inventions, we will help you with the setup of your account and make sure you are ready for business.

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